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  • Why do I need to Sightread? Does it really matter?
    Sightreading is one of the most important skills a musician can develop because frankly, it shows whether or not you truly have command of your instrument. A musician can spends days, weeks, months perfecting an audition piece, but can they truly play at that level? Or did they just learn it by rote well enough to appear to? Sightreading separates the students from the masters. And in an audition, you want to be a master!
  • Will I see these excerts at my upcoming Audition?
    It is highly doubtful that you will ever see these excerts in an audition. While States vary in their approach to Sight Reading, many of the have composers create never-seen excerts for each audition. That removes the possibility of an auditioner having come across it before. The majority of these excerpts were true All State audition Sight Reading Excerpts used in places like Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama, so they are a good indication of what you might see.
  • Will it help if I study these excerts closely and memorize them?
    No! That will actually miss the point of the book. The skill of Sight Reading is based on studying a piece of music for a few seconds, and then immediately playing it, trying to make it as perfect as possible. So learning these will not help. Instead, if you would like a step by step approach to studying Sight Reading, check out our Step by Step Guide to Practicing Sight Reading
  • I have used my book for months and now need something more challenging...where should I look?
    While the All State Sight Reading books cover a wide range of difficulty, there will come a time when the more advanced students will want to challenge themselves even more. For that, we have compiled a list of Sight Reading Practice Ideas. We promise you will NOT be bored!

Ready to Hone your Sight Reading Skills?

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