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About us

Larry McLure, Creator
All State Sight Reading Books


For 30 years, Larry McLure was a band director in Athens, Georgia. When he wasn't conducting kids and overseeing marching band practice, he was traveling the country as a sought-after judge for All-State.  It was during these trips that Larry realized two things.  First was that the ability to do well on these auditions was often determined by a students ability to Sight Read, and two.... he had access to years and years worth of the excerpts being used for these auditions.  

He went on to collect them from the composers who often provided them for the official auditions and compiled them into one of the best audition resources on the band market. He later invited his friend Roland Huthmaker to edit the String Orchestra books and added choral works to his catalog.  The rest was history. 

As the years went by, Larry retired from teaching and the Athens Board of Education honored him by naming the Cedar Shoals High School Fine Arts Building after him.  All the while, Larry's books continued to help thousands of students to score higher on auditions, and provided an invaluable resource to the music educators of America. 


Throughout all of those decades, Roland Huthmaker carried the books in his violin shop and the two families remained close friends. In 2021, Larry decided to retire and offered the business to Roland's daughter, Anna Huthmaker. After using the books in her own teaching for years, she was excited to carry on the torch that Larry started and continue to help students become better and better musicians, one excerpt at a time. 

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